Meral Güçeri

 Ph.D. in Educational Sciences, Middle East Technical University,  
MSc. in TEFL/ESP/EAP, Aston University,UK. 
BA in Linguistics, Hacettepe University, 
B.A. in English Language Teaching, Gazi University, 
Areas of Interest
Teaching English as a Second Language, English Medium Instruction, Classroom/Action Research, Academic Writing, Learning to Learn, Teacher Education, Research Skills, Development of Critical Thinking

PhD Thesis: Güçeri, M. (2005) The Impact of In-service Teacher Training on Change Agentry Role of Teachers and Their Contribution to School Improvement.
INGED- International English Language Education Association- Turkey TESOL- Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages- USA AAAL- American Association for Applied Linguistics IATEFL- Teaching English to the Speakers of Other Languages- UK TESOL-TURKEY
  • Book
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  • Before SU Publications

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