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A Pleasant Comfort in the Discomfort of Academia

A one-hour webinar titled The Knowledge Gap: What It Is and How to Narrow It was delivered by Natalie Wexler, an American writer and a journalist whose work mainly focuses on equity issues in education and effective practices in literacy teaching. It was presented on April 29 as a part of ongoing online webinar series, The Science of Reading, and organized by Amplify, an organization which focuses on the recent developments in curriculum, assessment and intervention programs particularly at K-12 level. You can find a short biography of the presenter at the end of this blog post.

Reflections from Eaquals Conference

This March, Justin Jacobs wrote a piece for the Social Responsibility Interest Section for TESOL and was published in a newsletter giving his reflections on the one-year initiative he and Alp were involved in focusing on social justice in English language teaching.

Education Technology Summit Highlights

Reflective Teaching Practices during Online Education. Mutlu Bosson & Pınar Gündüz
Formative feedback tools shared at TESOL TURKEY 3rd International ELT Conference 27.02.2021

1970 Sonrası Kadın Romancılığı

n this webinar organised by Cambridge University Press, Peter Brereton introduced a project that he developed in order to get students to practise reflection. His driving question was: “How can I help students engage in sustained, effective, meaningful reflection?”

EAQUALS Webinar Series
"LangCert IESOL Exams: Preparing your students for success’’
‘How can teachers prepare their learners for success in spoken exams?’’

Andy Bennetts, President of ​Interactive Learning​, shared some methods, valuable tools, and specific strategies for active student engagement using the tool Turning Point during the webinar.