The FDY English Public Speaking Club

The FDY English Public Speaking Club

Instructor: Itır Beğen

Learning Assistant: Husain Anas

Congratulations to the exceptional public speakers who have successfully completed the FDY English Public Speaking Club in the School of Languages at Sabancı University in Spring 2018!  The outstanding public speakers below studied diligently and participated in all meetings of the club. In recognition, they were invited to meet the director of the program and receive certificates and a special prize.

Abdul Gurbanov

Ayse Ekicioglu

Batuhan Inan

Beyda Rojin Boran

Buket Bayraktar

Elif Deviren

Gulmin Hursan

Mahmut Melih Ozkan

Sena Yapsu

Sena Yazıcı

Seyfettin Nurullah Cirak

Zeynep Tandoğan

The goal of FDY English Public Speaking Club is to promote and encourage an understanding of communication, presentation skills, critical thinking and to raise awareness of leadership skills.  Students participate actively in the club activities and develop research, public speaking, reasoning and problem-solving skills.  FDY English Public Speaking Club is devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks. Moreover, students will process their experience-based learning and advance their socialization skills with the help of group work activities.

Club Goals and Practices:

· To provide opportunities to club members to share ideas worth spreading in a unique style that demonstrates excellence in topic choices and public speaking.

· To train students, and provide opportunities to work on, different style of speeches.

· To make and present speeches within the club and SU community.

· To listen/watch the most inspirational talks.

· To organize a Workshop and invite other schools to participate.