Film Viewing and Discussion Moderated by Zeynep İskenderoğlu Önel

Film Viewing and Discussion; Moderated by Zeynep İskenderoğlu Önel: Lal Gece / Night of Silence by Reis Çelik

On March 4th, the Gender Project Group of CIP organized a film viewing activity followed by a discussion/chat session with the film crew as part of their International Women’s Day celebration. The film was chosen with great care and deliveration: Lal Gece by Reis Celik. Winner of the Crystal Bear at the 2012 Berlinale and Best Screenplay at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, Lal Gece is yet another minimalist Turkish film on the patriarchy, but this time giving the male perspective. Reis Celik says he wanted to find answers to the questions what kind of a system and traditions of thousands of years have boosted manhood so much and how the overly repressed womanhood will overthrow this structure.  

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