Help Gmail Help You


"Help Gmail Help You"

by Ebru Ezberci



How many times have you been lost amidst your thousands of e-mails in your inbox? If your answer isn’t “once or twice”, then I may have some tips for you. This article is mainly intended for SL teachers’ needs regarding the frequency and intensity of e-mail usage; which, is a lot!

I intend to highlight features of Gmail (on a browser) that I find most useful. In order of the article; I will talk about the appearance of the inbox, using labels, marking messages important, adding messages to your “task” list and using the search box to the fullest. At the end, I will add a couple of relevant and irrelevant techy bonus tips. I may have gotten a little carried away, enjoy!

Since there are quite a few screenshots in the article, it is in the form of a pdf file. Please click here to download the file.