Reflective Teaching Practices during Online Education


Reflective Teaching Practices during Online Education

Mutlu Bosson & Pınar Gündüz

Formative feedback tools shared at TESOL TURKEY 3rd International ELT Conference 27.02.2021


1.Using GIF images to get feedback 

Our students are digital natives. They can skillfully and easily use web based resources, and are motivated to use them. We can use this to our advantage while asking for feedback. One way of doing this is using GIF images. Students can be asked to use GIF images to express their thoughts on the course and learning materials. Sentence starters can be given to help learners get started with a clear direction. Please see Appendix 1 for a sample task.

A similar idea could be used with Twitter templates, which are abundant online. The students can be given tweet templates on paper during face to face education, and be provided ‘trend topics’. During online education, a template can be copied on a padlet wall, and students can type their tweets on post-its instead. To encourage students to be more descriptive and to make it more fun, encourage them to use hashtags in their responses. 

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