SL Instructors in the 36th Istanbul Marathon


SL Instructors in the 36th Istanbul Marathon

On November the 16th, 5 volunteer teachers from School of Languages; Tülin Süral, Cameron Dean, Burça Çapkan, Andrew Bosson and Adam Simpson took part in 36th İstanbul Marathon across the Bosphorus Bridge, running 10 and 15 km run to raise money for *Koruncuk Foundation; (, a charity supporting children in need of protection in Turkey.

Professional Koruncuk volunteers from Adım Adım (Tamer Çamkıran and Nur Çubuk), Turkey’s first and largest volunteer-based amateur running group, came to visit our school to give us a workshop on how we can establish our own school running group and raise money and awareness for the NGOs it supports. They also motivated and encouraged us all throughout this period through our mail group and training regularly at the Belgrade forest.

We trained for this run for quite a long time and raised 5775 TL for this wonderful cause thanks to our generous donors.

This has been a great opportunity for us to be contributors towards a socially responsible activity and achievement in reaching a difficult goal. Some of us haven’t even tried running before!

We want to use running as a tool for social charity in future years by expanding our group towards the benefit of the community. The next race, the İstanbul Marathon is November, 2015. Anyone can actually start running and will have enough time to train even if they’re rookies. So, please come and join us if you want to be a part of this life-changing experience!

* The Turkish Foundation for Children in Need of Protection (TKMCV) was founded in 1979 and believes that every child has the right to be attended with compassion, love and understanding, live with sufficient nutrition and in a healthy environment, benefit from playing and entertainment opportunities, receive a modern education, and improve their skills, briefly, have a life befitting the human dignity. (Please click here to view the media coverage of the marathon.)