SL School Development Series in Curriculum, Learner and Teacher Development


Sabancı University School of Languages School Development Series  
Series Editor: Dr. Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken 

We are very excited and proud to share with you the Sabancı University School of Languages School Development Series consisting of three books (so far) in the areas of curriculum development, learner development and teacher development. The School Development Series is an example of how we have collaboratively worked and grown over the years, Creating and Developing Together; the mission of Sabancı University and the School of Languages (SL). Our books provide a practical guide and include many examples of practical tools, tasks and activities as well as key guiding principles in all three areas.

We have always taken pride in being a ‘sharing’ institution and hopefully been setting a good model in this respect. Over the years we have worked closely with numerous educational institutions, sharing our ideas and experiences, educational processes, work samples, practices and documents. We have always believed in collaboration through a wide range of professional activities such as training activities, conferences, training and development courses, forums, seminars and consultancy. Our belief in sharing, collaboration and professional exchange has also been the key driving force behind the idea of our School Development Series.

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