Tea Talks in Touch

Tea Talks in Touch, November 27, 2019

by Itır Beğen Yılmaz

The FDY English Public Speaking Club was proud to hold a second collaborative event with SU Tea Talks with CEOs Club. The Public Speaking club participants were delighted to introduce and interview Pedro Mateache, the President of AT Kearney Consultancy, via video conference.

After diligent planning and programming, the members of the two clubs met and promoted the event in SL Lobby for three days. 

Following a detailed introduction, a question-answer session was held. During this session, real-life examples, academic and professional stories were discussed via the video-conference. This was real life experience in voicing one’s thoughts, commenting on subjects, having a positive body-language and fulfilling the wishes of the target audience.

The FDY English Public Speaking Club is devoted to sharing ideas really worth spreading in a completely unique fashion that demonstrates in subject matter alternatives and presentation skills. The aim of this club is to promote and encourage communication know-how, presentation skills, critical thinking and to raise consciousness of the traits of leadership.  Students participate actively in club activities and increase their aptitude through research, reasoning and drawing conclusions.  The FDY English Public Speaking Club is devoted to spreading thoughts, commonly in the form of powerful talks. Moreover, FDY students amplify their experience-based learning and advance their socialization skills with group activities. Hence, when our director, Jacqueline Einer, encouraged me to organize another shared event on Sabanci University campus, I was captivated with the thought of collaboration between the “FDY English Public Speaking Club” and the “Tea Talks with CEOs” club.

All 162 FDY Public Speaking Club participants were eager to take part in a global seminar with a professional expat in English. As the Public Speaking Club, we were proud to encourage our students to demonstrate their conversation abilities to the global world. While organizing the event, I centered mainly on our core purpose of enhancing learner awareness and learner autonomy.  Students are sometimes shy to articulate what is on their minds and that’s our fundamental point in Public Speaking Club. Therefore, this was a completely unique opportunity to give them a perception into a public speaker who is a part of the European world.

As The FDY English Public Speaking Club, we prioritize organizing workshops and seminars and preparing the students for authentic experiences and this opportunity served as a reminder of how critical our work is.