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The 53rd IATEFL Conference and Exhibition which was held between 2 and 5 April in Liverpool 2019 was a rewarding experience in which I got to meet other professionals in the field, exchanged ideas and had the opportunity to present my classroom research on a forum entitled “Findings from Research into Writing at University Level”.

Over the semester break I had a chance to apply to a couple of universities for Erasmus Staff mobility. I received two offers from two different universities and I picked Zagreb School of Economics and Management as it includes Business English classes and I decided to challenge myself to teach in a different context.

Reflections on the LEST Forum

My journey from Istanbul to Ipoh, a city in north-western Malaysia, known as a gateway to the Cameron Highlands hill station took me a couple of round the clock circles.

Edebiyat ve Siyaset Sempozyumu

GSIC at TEVITÖL on LGBTQIA+ Terminology

School of Languages Teaching and Developing Through Online Learning: Vocabulary Teaching and Learning (SL-TeDOL, VTL) is a free online teacher training course, designed by a couple of voluntary instructors at Sabancı University, Istanbul, to help ELT teachers in Turkey or abroad revise or improve their vocabulary teaching and learning skills. One of the missions of Sabancı University is to share the knowledge and skills gained through institutional studies with the environment for the benefit of the society


SL Proj 001 – A Success Story