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A one-hour webinar titled The Knowledge Gap: What It Is and How to Narrow It was delivered by Natalie Wexler, an American writer and a journalist whose work mainly focuses on equity issues in education and effective practices in literacy teaching. It was presented on April 29 as a part of ongoing online webinar series, The Science of Reading, and organized by Amplify, an organization which focuses on the recent developments in curriculum, assessment and intervention programs particularly at K-12 level. You can find a short biography of the presenter at the end of this blog post.

Reflections from Eaquals Conference

This March, Justin Jacobs wrote a piece for the Social Responsibility Interest Section for TESOL and was published in a newsletter giving his reflections on the one-year initiative he and Alp were involved in focusing on social justice in English language teaching.

Education Technology Summit Highlights

Reflective Teaching Practices during Online Education. Mutlu Bosson & Pınar Gündüz
Formative feedback tools shared at TESOL TURKEY 3rd International ELT Conference 27.02.2021

1970 Sonrası Kadın Romancılığı

n this webinar organised by Cambridge University Press, Peter Brereton introduced a project that he developed in order to get students to practise reflection. His driving question was: “How can I help students engage in sustained, effective, meaningful reflection?”

EAQUALS Webinar Series
"LangCert IESOL Exams: Preparing your students for success’’
‘How can teachers prepare their learners for success in spoken exams?’’

Andy Bennetts, President of ​Interactive Learning​, shared some methods, valuable tools, and specific strategies for active student engagement using the tool Turning Point during the webinar.

We have taken part in the organization as the joint presenters of “Mindfulness: The Miracles of a Present Mind” session. Among the participants of the ÜAA organization were teachers, psychological consultants, and people with administrative roles. The keynote speech at the opening was delivered by Mustafa Akıncıoğlu, an associate researcher at the University of Oxford. He talked about the extensive study he carried out on EMI in Turkish higher education system. There were 100 Turkish universities in his study. According to the findings of the in-depth research, there is a dramatic difference for a lecturer between being an expert in a field and being able to convey that expertise using the medium of English.