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GSIC at TEVITÖL on LGBTQIA+ Terminology

School of Languages Teaching and Developing Through Online Learning: Vocabulary Teaching and Learning (SL-TeDOL, VTL) is a free online teacher training course, designed by a couple of voluntary instructors at Sabancı University, Istanbul, to help ELT teachers in Turkey or abroad revise or improve their vocabulary teaching and learning skills. One of the missions of Sabancı University is to share the knowledge and skills gained through institutional studies with the environment for the benefit of the society


SL Proj 001 – A Success Story

Ekrem Şimşek's book review (Mapping Autonomy in Language Education: A Framework for Learner and Teacher Development) appeared in the latest issue of IATEFL Newsletter "Independence." You can find below an abstract of his review: 

Tea Talks with Expat CEOs

The FOCI – XVIII was held on 6th and 7th December, 2018 at the hosting institute, Ege University, with the main theme of “Assessment from a Curricular Developer’s Perspective: Who? What? When? And Why?”

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility- ISEC, Coimbra, PORTUGAL

14th- 20th April, 2018


The FDY English Public Speaking Club

Instructors: Itır Beğen, Nazan Gelbal, Robert Lee Lockwood, Bünyamin Mengi

Learning Assistants: Mehmet Akif Nayman, Duygu Gülen