Video Gallery

Zeynep İskenderoğlu Önel interviews Kati Bailey about the organization TIRF and issues related to dialogue journals such as cultural appropriacy and various forms of feedback.
Meral Güçeri explores with Patsy Lightbown transfer appropriate processing, the place of drills, communicative settings and encoding new knowledge, content based instruction and language policies focused on the classroom.
Zeynep İskenderoğlu Önel reviews with Nur Kurtoğlu Hooton The 5 Levels of Reflections. In this interview Nur also explores, dialogue journals, virtual reflection platforms and gives guidelines on how to notice a critical incident.
Sharon Turner chats with Joe Pereira about his own personal journey into gaming, interactive fiction and its place in language learning, anti-social stereotypes surrounding gaming and karaoke.
Jacqueline Einer talks to Christine Coombe about the practical application of teacher involvement in assessment, alternative forms of assessment, burn out and toast masters.