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In order to help students utilize the latest technology available, all students are issued with their own laptops, which are renewed every two years. There is fast and reliable Internet connection all over campus and the use of computers is embedded in the SL curriculum. For example, students are expected to use their computers for in the classroom quite often (listening to a podcast, using blogs, doing online activites, using the SL virtual learning environment: SUCourse etc), all writing assignments are word-processed and communication about courses is through e-mail and course websites. Also essential course documents such as the Teaching and Learning Programmes, course calendar, vocabulary-companion documents and mp3s of the listening materials in the coursebook and tape-scripts are also included in the SUCourses specifically designed for each level.

That is, SUCourse, the institutional online collaboration and learning environment, which provides supplementary / additional content for the FDY courses is designed and updated by SL instructors and used regularly as part of the course inside and outside the classroom. The SL allocates time and resources to the development and improved use of this resource in the form of project work (Online Learning Support Project-OLSP) and ongoing work is done in developing teaching materials for classroom use that utilize the Internet and the student laptops.

The SL also allocates time and resources to the development of technological skills of the instructors and students. In-house teacher development sessions at the SL include sessions on the effective use of technology in teaching and learning English (Web 2.0 tools, podcasts, blogs, using MSWord basics, preparing presentations using Power Point, creating online activities using different tools, giving audio and video feedback etc) that aim to enrich instructors' skills in the effective use of technology. Guidance and training is also provided to SL students in the effective use of technology in learning English both pre and during the semester.

There are also two other online platforms which are created by the OLSP Team aiming at guiding both the new and current teachers as well as all students at SL.

The first one called “OLSP GUIDE BLOG” aims at providing teachers with orientation to institution specific use of technology and regular updates on how best to explore the Web 2.0 tools in the form of regularly published digests.

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The second platform called “SLTECHNOLEARNER BLOG” aims at sharing the documents and links used in orientation and training sessions to cater for learners’ technology related needs.

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