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      Teacher Education and Development through Online Learning (SL-TeDOL): Grammar Teaching and Learning 2024 (GTL 24)

Welcome to SLTeDOL, GTL 24 course information website. You can get information about the course and find answers to some of your questions here. Please read different sections below. If you have any further questions, you can reach Nezaket or David directly from their mail addresses. If you want to enroll in the course, you need to click the link below to go to the Google Form and leave the necessary information to be registered for the course. Please follow the instructions below.

Registration link. You’ll receive an invitation mail when your enrolment is completed. Please make sure you leave the mail account that you want to use to access the course platform and to receive mail.

Remember to do the pre-course tasks before February 16 when we have our Introductory Zoom meeting. The final deadline for registration is February 23 when the first session starts.      

About this course

The course aims to support teachers in developing their awareness, knowledge, and skills in Grammar Teaching and Learning by revising major approaches, principles, and methods of grammar presentation, practice, and assessment as well as error correction and feedback as an EFL teacher. You will develop a greater understanding of what to teach, and how to teach (present, practice, and assess) grammar in different settings using different approaches. In addition, the course will encourage you to understand your attitude towards grammar teaching and learning and learn from each other through reflection and sharing, forum discussion activities and various tasks. Last but not least, GTL 24 will incorporate various in-class and online tools (hard +soft) that will be applicable in different settings.

By the end of the course, CPs will have a better understanding of:

  • How to teach grammar by analyzing different approaches and lesson models
  • Important concepts of teaching and learning grammar
  • How to present grammar and check meaning, form, and use
  • How to practise grammar both in accuracy-focused and fluency-focused activities and tasks
  • The importance of error correction as an important aspect of the learning process
  • Important principles and methods  of assessing grammar

GTL Course Outline

Please visit the link to reach the course outline. 

Course Duration & The Calendar

The course opens for enrolment on 5 February and CPs start adding their introductions to the Padlet wall. There is a ZOOM ‘introduction and get to know you’ meeting on 16 February. Session 1 opens on 23 February. After enrolment and before starting session 1, CPs should introduce themselves on the Introduction Padlet wall and familiarise themselves with the course layout on the course platform.

You can get more information about the calendar and the duration of the course here.


Course participants will be awarded a badge for completion of all tasks within a session. CPs who collect 8 achievement badges + the welcoming badge (by introducing themselves on the introductions Padlet) will receive a Sabancı University School of Languages (SL-TeDOL): GTL  course completion certificate. This is a free course, and everyone who completes all the required tasks and gets 8 badges will get their certificates.

You can see a copy of the certificate here. Please note the important information about the certification and access to the course content:

"Because we strongly believe that we learn from each other, participation is emphasized in this course. For this reason, those CPs who have only received one badge or less by 8th March will automatically be removed from the course. These CPs will NOT be able to access the course content thereafter. Please make a note of this date since CPs will not receive a prior warning.  Another important date is March 29th. Unfortunately, the CPs who don’t have 3 badges out of 5, will be removed from the course automatically."

Course Instructors

SL-TeDOL, GTL course is designed and run by Nezaket Özgirin, David Gasper, and Pınar Gündüz. Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken is the course supervisor.

See the document here to get information about the course tutors and SLTeDOL supervisor.

Questions and Answers

Please check the document here to read common questions and answers about the course                                                                                         

Feedback from participants

See some feedback comments here from our previous course participants. We'd like to use this opportunity to thank them for their participation and feedback.                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Code of conduct

Please click here to read the SLTeDOL Code of Conduct.                                                                                                                                             

Evaluation of SLTeDOL Courses

You can see the report on the SLTeDOL evaluation of 2019-2020 courses. Thanks to all our participants who were involved in both the interviews and the survey.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Course Enrolment

You can fill in the formhere so that we can enroll you in the course. You’ll receive an invitation mail when your registration is completed. Please make sure you leave the mail account that you want to use to access the course platform and to receive mail. Thank you!

Announcements from the GTL 24 Course

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'Get to Know You' meeting

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