Academic Literacies 102

The Academic Literacies 102 (AL 102) course is a 3-credit university course, which is part of the Foundations Development Program. It aims to promote multiple literacies so as to guide students in understanding, creating and communicate meanings both to further develop themselves and effectively participate in an academic and professional environment.

It is at the same time a content-based skills course, which aims to build upon and expand students’ communicative, critical analysis, study and research skills whereby also equipping them with a raised awareness of contemporary issues. Thus, the focus is equipping students with a variety of literacies as well as on improving students’ English proficiency and academic skills.

The learner training strand of the course will encourage students to engage with multiple literacies (such as information literacy, critical literacy, digital literacy, multimodal literacy, and visual literacy) in accomplishing a variety of tasks and research.

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