SL Workshops

SL Workshops since May 2010

Developing an Online CV,  Adam Simpson, 11th May, 2012

Eyercise: Developing your Students’ Reading Speed, Adam Simpson, 23rd February, 2012

Prezi Again, Nezaket Özgirin , 28th March 2012

Introduction to Livebinders, Nezaket Özgirin, 23rd February, 2012

SL Techno Instructor Teaching the digital generation: Using online newspapers, Tülin Süral, 23 Feb. 2012

Using Web 2.0 tools for giving oral feedback , Sibel Şimşek Okan Bölükbaş, 23 February 2012

Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions of the Exemplary Teacher,  Adam Simpson & Eylem Mengi, 13th February, 2012

SU-SL Listening materials , Nezaket Özgirin, 27th January 2012

Giving Feedback to Spoken performances, Devrim Uygan, January 13th 2012

Familiarizing with speaking guidelines,  Devrim Uygan, 22nd Sep. 2011

A workshop on podcasts and e-documentaries, Nezaket Özgirin, Pınar Gündüz, Neslihan Demirdirek (Reyhan Salatacı  involved in preparation), 8th July, 2011

Software and Websites for Graphically Organizing Ideas, Adam Simpson & Okan Bölükbaş, 28th December, 2010

How to Create Portfolios using Sucourse, Meltem Bizim, 19th October, 2011Function of tasks & Portfolios, Meltem Bizim, 29th September, 2011

Familiarizing with speaking guidelines, Devrim Uygan, 22nd Sep. 2011

Concepts and Content in the Classroom, Adam Simpson, 14th September, 2011

NTOP-OLSP Sessions on internal & external web, Sibel Taşkın Şimşek, Evrim Uysal, Okan Bölükbaş, Tanju Deveci, 6th, September 2011

Using Games to Teach Grammar, Adam Simpson & Görkem Satak, 26th  June, 2011

Creating Collaborative Word Documents Online , Adam Simpson, 20th May, 2011

How to use Prezi, Nezaket Özgirin, May 2011

Motivation research results,  Nezaket Özgirin & Reyhan Salatacı, 28th April 2011

Useful Web 2.0 Tools for EFL Classes, Meltem Bizim & Sibel Taşkın Şimşek,  19th April, 2011

3 ways of Getting YouTube to Work for you in Class , Adam Simpson & Sibel Şimşek, 3rd March, 2011

Lifting Classroom Spirit with Music and Songs, Tanju Deveci & Nurdan Çoksezen , February, 2011

Inquiries About Speaking, Meltem Bizim, 15th February, 2011

Adding Fonts to Word, Adam Simpson, 15th February, 2011

OLSP Mini-Conference: “How to integrate Web 2.0 tools into teaching”,  Sibel Taşkın Şimşek, Evrim Uysal, Okan Bölükbaş, Tanju Deveci, 15th February 2011

How to Download Video Clips to your Laptop, Adam Simpson & Tanju Deveci, 21st December, 2010

A workshop on podcasts and e-documentaries , Pınar Gündüz , Neslihan Demirdirek, Reyhan Salatacı & Nezaket Özgirin, 11th November, 2010

Class Blogging, Meltem Bizim & Sibel Taşkın Şimşek  18th October, 2010

SL Techno Learner Training Sessions to SL students, Sibel Taşkın Şimşek, Evrim Uysal, Okan Bölükbaş, Tanju Deveci, 12th October 2010

Student and Teacher Perceptions on the Teaching / Learning of Grammar, Adam Simpson & Michael Thomas, 8th  October, 2010

SUCourse training for SL instructors, Sibel Taşkın Şimşek, Evrim Uysal, Okan Bölükbaş, Tanju Deveci, 7th October 2010

Speaking Portfolios,  Meltem Bizim, 21st September 2010

Spoken Grammar: A case for understanding Spoken Grammar and beyond…Devrim Uygan, June 2010