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      Teacher Education and Development through Online Learning (SL-TeDOL): Arts Integration in Foreign Language Instruction (AIFLI)

Welcome to the SLTeDOL, AIFLI course information website! Here, you can find further details about the course and answers to your questions. Please explore the sections below for information. If you have additional questions, please reach out directly to Tuğba Yıldırım Kumbasar at

If you are currently employed as an instructor of any foreign language in a university setting and interested in arts, professional, and personal development opportunities and would like to enroll in the course, please use this link to access the Google Form and fill in the required information for course registration. No prior art-related training or experience is required.

Make sure to provide the email account you plan to use for accessing the course platform and receiving communication. Upon completion of your enrollment, an invitation email will be sent to the first 12 eligible applicants who meet the following criteria:

  • Currently working in a university
  • Minimum 5 years of teaching experience

Suitable applicants meeting these criteria will be selected randomly, also ensuring there is no more than one participant from the same university.

Please note that there are only asynchronous tasks to complete in the first module, and the first Zoom session is scheduled in the second module.

About this course

The main goal of this course is to introduce language instructors to arts integration, a creative approach to language teaching. By presenting examples of arts integration, the course aims to equip instructors with the essential knowledge and skills for a comprehensive understanding of this approach. The objective is to empower instructors not only to grasp the fundamentals of arts integration but also to confidently apply this approach in their teaching contexts.

By the end of the program, participants will

  • develop an understanding of the arts integration approach and its practical application in language instruction.
  • evaluate visual, literary, and performing arts for their effectiveness in achieving language learning objectives.
  • create instructional materials that integrate arts-based activities to enhance language learning.
  • reflect on and refine personal teaching, with a specific emphasis on the arts integration approach.
  • engage with peers to exchange ideas, experiences, and resources related to arts integration in language instruction.


AILI  Course Information

This course aims to equip language instructors with a comprehensive toolkit for integrating arts into their teaching by focusing on the five key objectives listed above. First, it aims to deepen their understanding of arts integration, laying the groundwork for its effective application in language instruction. Second, it guides participants to critically evaluate various art forms (visual, literary, performing) so that they can make informed decisions on their suitability for specific language learning objectives. Third, it emphasizes the creation of engaging instructional materials that merge arts-based activities with language-teaching goals. This training is designed to provide participants with concrete examples of arts-based lessons, and offer tangible models for implementation in language classes. Furthermore, this objective allows participants the valuable opportunity to receive constructive feedback on their plans before putting them into practice. Fourth, it encourages reflective teaching practices, fostering continual improvement in pedagogical approaches, particularly in arts integration. By reflecting on their own methods and approaches, they can adapt and refine their techniques to align with the evolving landscape of arts integration in language instruction. The final objective fosters a community of practice, which allows instructors to benefit from diverse perspectives, share best practices, and collectively explore this approach. Collaboration can enhance creativity and widen the scope of resources available for effective implementation.

AIFLI Course Outline & Calendar

Please use this link to reach out to the course outline.                                                                                                                                


The course participants who attend all online sessions and complete all tasks will receive a certificate of completion from the Sabancı University School of Languages Teacher Education and Development through Online Learning (SL-TeDOL) for the Arts Integration in Foreign Language Instruction Course.

Course Instructors

SL-TeDOL AIFLI course is designed and run by Tuğba Yıldırım Kumbasar. Burcu Ertürk Kılıç and Seren Pehlivanoğlu İlkdoğan are guest instructors. Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken is the course supervisor.

Please see the document herefor information about the course instructors.


Code of conduct

Please click here to read the SLTeDOL Code of Conduct.                                                                                                                                             

Evaluation of SLTeDOL Courses

Arts Integration in Foreign Language Instruction (AIFLI) differs from the other SLTeDOL courses in several aspects, including the number of participants, duration of the course, platform used, and teaching method. However, you can see the report on the SLTeDOL evaluation of 2019-2020 courses. Thanks to all our participants who were involved in both the interviews and the survey.                                                                                                                                                                                                         

Course Enrolment

You can fill in the form here to apply for the course. You’ll receive an invitation mail when your registration is completed. Please make sure you leave the mail account that you want to use to access the course platform and to receive mail. Thank you!