Other Projects

Other Projects


Previous SL project work has included instructor and institutional research on the following areas: 


The integration of creative writing into an EAP course

Effective vocabulary learning strategies

Effectiveness of group discussion in instruction and assessment

Educational orientations on trainees on a teacher training course

How proficient speakers of English describe people's characters

What to do with fast-finishing students in class

Effectiveness of feedback processes in writing

Experienced teachers' theories of second language learning and the relationship between a teacher’s theory of second language learning and their teaching methodology

Teachers' and students' perceptions of  foreign language learning at the School of Languages

Reasons for student anxiety in foreign language learning

Factors that influence success in language learning: successful language learners' reflection on their achievement

Turkish undergraduate response to teacher feedback on written work: how students interpret and respond to teacher feedback on written work in their learning Academic writing in Turkish and English

Students's perception of the effect of different error correction techniques on their learning

Effectiveness of tutorials in the SL

SL students' perceptions of effective language teaching

Student perceptions on the effects of the Vocabulary Companions and related materials on their learning