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Teacher Education and Development through Online Learning (SL-TeDOL): QR in Teaching and Learning (QRTL)


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About this course

The course aims to help teachers to familiarize themselves with the QR codes, their application in the classroom or and their exploitation to improve motivation levels and interaction among learners for more independent learning. By doing this course the Course Participants (CPs) will learn  'how to create QR codes by using different Apps', 'how to integrate them into their teaching’, 'how to exploit them to refresh their teaching' and ‘how increase the amount of learner engagement in the lesson’ through the elements of choice, interest and variety. CPs will investigate different uses of QR codes to practice both language and academic skills using different methods. CPs will also become familiar with many online resources that will help digitalize their teaching to some extent. This will hopefully foster effective and efficient learning.


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Course Duration & The Calendar

SL-TeDOL, QRTL is a 5-week course which starts on May 22nd and finishes on July 3rd. If the course participants become busy with other tasks, they will have extra time until July 10th to complete the missing course components to be able to get their certificates.

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Course participants will be awarded a badge for completion of all tasks within a session. CPs who collect 5 achievement badges + the welcoming badge will receive a Sabancı University School of Languages (SL-TeDOL): QRTL  course achievement certificate. The participants who complete the course will also be awared a course completion badge that can be added to the email accounts. You can see a copy of it here. This is a free course, and everyone who completes all the required tasks and gets 6 badges will get their certificates.

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Course Instructors

SL-TeDOL, QRTL course is designed and run by Nezaket Özgirin, and Sibel Taşkın Şimşek. Please check the instructor bios here.

Questions and Answers

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Feedback from participants

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Code of conduct

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How to get the most from this course

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Please reach Nezaket or Sibel directly from their mail addresses for further information. Thank you for your interrest!