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Teaching and Developing through Online Learning (SL-TeDOL): Vocabulary Teaching and Learning 

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About this course

The course aims to help teachers develop their awareness, knowledge and skills in vocabulary teaching in terms of 'what to teach', 'how to teach', 'how to practise and revise' and ‘how to assess’ vocabulary as an EFL teacher. You will develop a greater understanding of what it means to know a word, and develop familiarity with key concepts, methods, and strategies to teach lexis effectively. You will also analyse and practise presentation, practice and recycling methods with a combination of practical in-class and online tools (hard and soft tools).

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Course Duration & The Calendar

SL-TeDOL, VTL is a 7-week course which starts on April 5th and finishes on May 30th.

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Course participants will be awarded a badge for completion of all tasks within a session. CPs who collect 6 out of 7 badges, will receive a Sabancı University School of Languages (SL-TeDOL): Vocabulary Teaching and Learning course achievement certificate. You can see a copy of the certificate here.

Course Instructors

SL-TeDOL, VTL course is designed and run by Nezaket Özgirin, Sharon Çeltek, Jacqueline Einer and Pınar Gündüz. Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken is the course supervisor.

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Questions and Answers

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Feedback from participants

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Code of conduct

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