Evaluation and Accreditation of Quality Language Services (Eaquals) is one of the most renowned international quality assurance and accreditation bodies in language education with whom Sabancı University School of Languages has had a very successful partnership for 12 years, actively contributing to a wide range of professional and academic projects. In line with the ever-growing importance on quality in education both locally and globally, in early 2020, the School of Languages started its work towards becoming an accredited member of Eaquals and applied for membership in October 2020. After undergoing a highly demanding inspection process in December 2020, the School of Languages received its certification as an Eaquals accredited member with points of excellence in all 12 categories of Eaquals quality standards. School of Languages Director, Jacqueline Einer shares her views on the accreditation process:

We wanted to certify the quality of our program and to enhance our international recognition by receiving the highly-respected Eaquals badge of excellence. The process was quite challenging as we were also going through the pandemic period, but it was also highly equally rewarding in terms of self-assessment, internal collaboration and institutional development. We are absolutely delighted and proud to have received an outstanding result with points of excellence in all twelve categories of the accreditation scheme for language institutions in Higher Education. We are very much looking forward to contributing to the Eaquals mission as an accredited member and to furthering our mutual collaboration.

Left to right: Pınar Demiral Gündüz (SL Program Coordinator), Jacqueline Einer (SL Director), Ludka Kotarska (Eaquals Director of Accreditation), Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken (SL PDR Coordinator), Aslı Tuan Acer (SL Administrative Affairs Manager) 

Details of the areas of excellence in all 12 categories of quality standards as identified by Eaquals can be found here: SL Areas of Excellence-Eaquals January 2021 and our Eaquals Certificate below.




 Details about Eaquals' work and associated organisations can be found at: https://www.eaquals.org/about-eaquals/our-aims-and-mission/

The Eaquals charters for stakeholders are provided below.

Eaquals General Charter English

Eaquals Information Charter English

Eaquals Staff Charter English

Eaquals Charters Course Participants English