Beyond the Boundaries


Beyond the Boundaries: English in an Academic Environment course book series

Beyond the Boundaries: English in an Academic Environment is an academic course book series designed to cater for the needs of students in the 'preparatory' schools of English-medium universities. The series consists of 6 course books at 3 levels with 2 books at each level as well as their accompanying Answer Keys and audio materials.

Beyond the Boundaries: English in an Academic Environment was prepared by a team of experienced EAP instructors at Sabancı University School of Languages and started as a project when it was felt that existing course books could not fully address the academic needs of students. There are 4 main features which distinguish this course book series from other English language course books. The books are

- content based and have a thematic approach; each unit within the series is based on content areas and related themes in the areas of e.g. Psychology, History, Science, and Art. These and other themes are explored and exploited in different units and at each level. Thus, the themes are recycled and learning is further reinforced. [Student comments: Ceren / Uğur / Begüm]

- academically oriented; supports the teaching of academic skills and language through the use of academic texts. [Student comments: Zeynep]

- based on an integrated skills approach to the teaching of listening, reading, speaking and writing rather than approaching each skill in isolation. Such an approach thus minimizes the need for the use of additional course books to support the teaching of skills. [Student comments: Kaan ]

- flexible in use; although the level 1 books have been designed to cater for the needs of basic level students, the level 2 books to the needs of intermediate level students and the level 3 books to those of the upper-intermediate level students, all 6 books are labeled 'level' books with numeric references (e.g. Level 1 Book One; Level 1 Book Two, etc.) rather than level names in order to allow for greater flexibility in use according to the language and skills proficiency levels of students as well as their developmental needs.

The aim of 'preparatory' programs today is to equip students with the concepts and background knowledge they need to support their studies in faculties in addition to developing their language and skills.

As our course book series is based on the approach and principles outlined above, we strongly believe that Beyond the Boundaries: English in an Academic Environment will contribute to effective instruction and learning at academic institutions with similar educational goals.

Some of our course books in the series have also been used as part of the English language curriculum at Istanbul Fatih University, the International University of Sarajevo and University of Nottingham, Ningbo campus, China.

For further information about using Beyond the Boundaries: English in an Academic Environment in your institution, please contact: 
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