Okan BölükbaşSchool of LanguagesInstructor(216) 483 9634okanbolukbas@sabanciuniv.edu



SLTTP Sabanci University School of Languages Trainer Training Program, 2009

Cambridge DELTA International Training Institute İstanbul, 2007

LCCI-London Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation Certificate in Teaching English for Business, 2001

RSA/CELTA Hammersmith and West London College, 2000

CERTELT British Council Ankara, 1999
Certificate of Pre-service Teacher Training Program, Başkent University School of Languages, 1998

Publications Prior to SU

Bölükbaş, O. (2016). Using WEB 2.0 Tools in Teaching Reading. In A. Burns & N. Kurtoglu-Hooton (Eds), Using action research to explore technology in language teaching: international perspectives (pp. 34-37), London: British Council. ISBN: 978-0-86355-848-1 https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/using-action-research-explore-technology-language-teaching-international-perspectives

Bolukbas, Okan (2011) “Effectiveness of Student’s Use of Laptops Outside the Classroom” Conference Proceedings of the 2nd Sabanci University ELT Conference: Expectations eclipsed in foreign language education: learners and educators on an ongoing journey pp. 217-227. ISBN: 9786054348220