Ganjina Mirzoeva received the Silver Certificate in the Global Round of The Wevoi Public Speaking Competition




Route 2 student Ganjina Mirzoeva received the Silver Certificate in the Global Round of The Wevoi Public Speaking Competition
Itır Beğen

The FDY English Public Speaking Program is happy to announce that School of Languages Route 2 student Ganjina Mirzoeva received the 2nd Place in the National Round and was awarded the Silver Certificate in the Global Round of the Wevoi Public Speaking Competition. This competition, organized by WeVoi, is a platform where young speakers aged 9 to 24 voice their ideas. Ganjina participated in the FDY Public Speaking Program in Spring 2023, showcasing her prepared, impromptu, and table topics speeches. When the opportunity to compete in the Wevoi Public Speaking Competition arose, Ganjina was eager to compete. You may access Ganjina Mirzoeva’s National Round speech by following this link and the Global Round speech by following this link.

Wevoi: According to Wevoi officials, The Wevoi Competition is an innovative online platform that fosters confidence and communication skills among young minds worldwide. It offers participants a chance to present their thoughts and opinions on diverse themes. This competition, featuring both National and Global Rounds, provides monetary awards to top-performing speakers in each age category.
The FDY Public Speaking Program: The success of Ganjina and 2022 Bronze Certificate winner Uğurhan Altınbaş of the FDY English Public Speaking Program speaks volumes about the students’ dedication and commitment to enhance their public speaking skills. In our program, the main objective is to encourage students to shine on stage and compete in various public speaking competitions. We provide comprehensive preparation, including guidance on speech writing and strategies to enhance their presentation skills.

Our ultimate aim is to empower students to express themselves confidently beyond the English preparatory program and into their faculty classes. In the School of Languages, we are keen on helping students gain more experience in public speaking and to excel in expressing themselves eloquently.

We are proud of Ganjina Mirzoeva's achievements and wish her the best in future public speaking competitions. We hope that this experience will inspire more students to explore the power of words and embrace the art of public speaking as a valuable life skill. Congratulations to Ganjina and all participants of the FDY English Public Speaking Program for their dedication and success! Let's continue to dance with words and make our voices heard on the global stage.