EAQUALS Online Event 21-22 October 2022



EAQUALS Online Event 21-22 October 2022

Eaquals Online was a two-day online event showcasing and sharing the knowledge and expertise of the Eaquals membership. Neslihan Demirdirek, Serpil Öz, Gülden Çelik, Ayşegül İnce, Itır Beğen Yılmaz, Merve Yıldırım and Züleyha Tulay shared their reviews and reflections:


Creating technology-enhanced communicative activities for the language classroom 
(presented by Anna Bennett and reviewed by Neslihan Demirdirek)

Be happy: A mindfulness journey – Mindfulness in language learning & assessment
(presented by Donatella Fitzgerald Ida Grbić Ivanović Brigette Hughes Vanessa Hartson Walker and reviewed by Serpil Öz)

Humanism in Online Learning
(presented by Julie Wallisat and reviewed by Gülden Çelik & Ayşegül İnce)

Professional development activities and tools for teacher wellbeing
(presented by Wioleta Anna Wenclawek and reviewed by Itır Beğen Yılmaz)

A motivated teacher, a motivated class
(presented by Deniz Kılavuz and Selma Tamdoğan Çalışkan and reviewed by Merve Yıldırım)

Differentiation as a Path to Inclusion: Achieving Full Engagement through an Inclusive and Differentiated Classroom
(presented by Chloe Pakeman-Schiavone and reviewed by Züleyha Tulay ) 

Teacher reflection as a way to cultivate pluralistic approaches: Developing Teacher Competences for Implementing Pluralistic Approaches
(presented by Miranda Karjagdi Çolak, Athina Vrettou, Kenia Puig I Plane and reviewed by Züleyha Tulay)